Price Matching

Below is a list that explains the differences between New England Laser and our competitors. We advertise list prices only on our website. Although the best price is rarely the best value, we understand the importance of getting a good deal and would love the opportunity to earn your business. Simply forward the quote or link to and we will make our best effort to match or beat our competition plus include our ADDED VALUE as listed below:

  • We are experts in the industry that can assist you with your decision as well as how to use the equipment. We are "NOT" an ecommerce site that stocks nothing and knows little to nothing about the equipment. 
  • Calibration. Often times, survey equipment gets shipped from the manufacturer out of calibration.  We check the calibration and adjust before we ship it to you and guarantee that it meets the manufacturer specifications.
  • Satisfaction. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your equipment, we are available to refund, upgrade, or replace the equiment.
  • Loaners. New England Laser offers service units (Loaners) to keep you working if your unit goes down. Service units are free within 30 days of purchase and discounted for up to 5 years when you purchase your equipment from us.
  • Support is available on all purchases and training is FREE. All layout equipment is set-up to your specifications and tested before shipping or personal delivery to you.
  • Service Is Our Benchmark. We are a full service repair facility. When you purchase your equipment from New England Laser, you receive priority service turn around when asked for if the need arises.


*Terms and Conditions - We will not guarantee to match online retailers, clearance, or warehouse outlets. New England Laser reserves the right to refrain from price matching where this would result in a sale below cost. All sales are final.

Photos Below (left to right, top to bottom): Calibration stands at NEL, Jow Wallace calibrating a transit, Our newest location in Sunapee NH, Total Station training at the Grantham Indoors soccer field.


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