New England Laser & Transit Company Testimonials
"Norway Plains Associates has conducted business with New England Laser and Transit since 2020. In that time, we have found the quality of the equipment to be excellent, and the customer service to be superb. The team at New England Laser and Transit has always exceeded our expectations and we plan on continuing to work with them for many years to come."
Tyler Young, LLS
Norway Plains Associates
Alton, NH

"Thanks for the new LOADER SCALE you guys installed for us. Both I and my customers love it. The price was right, it's accurate, and the ability to print a receipt is a game changer. I consider our business relationship to be a very valuable assett because of the eq. you carry, and the service and support you provide!"
Cary Whipple
United Construction
Newport, NH

IDIG: 2D Excavator System Testimonials:
"I never should have delayed on the purchase of my IDIG system. It would have saved me at least a hundred gran had I done this sooner, not to mention the challenge of finding help or getting in and out of the machine all day to check grade. I would recommend this system to anyone that owns an excavator or a mini."
Dominic Tedino
Above Grade Excavating
Attleboro, Ma

" I love my IDIG. My only concern is that I might get FAT because I'm not jumping in and out of my excavator to check grade. Nowadays you can't find help and if you can you have to pay a lot to keep them. The IDIG is worth every penny"
Concord, NH

"New England Laser came to Maine and installed the iDig on two of our CAT excavators.  I used it the same afternoon that it was installed.  I made the mistake of letting the other operator use the system the next day, and received a text from him saying 'you will have to get a second system for your excavator, this thing is nuts and you can't have it back!'  When it's just me and my banjo on the jobsite, this set-up is a must have."

Kyle Estes
PY Estes & Sons
West Baldwin, ME

“I wanted to see if the iDig would help grow my business.  Since purchasing the system earlier this spring, the iDig has become a huge asset to the company.  I dug a 30’ x 42’ hole with a bulkhead, as well as the road leading to the hole in record time and was accurate to well within an inch.  Well worth the investment!”
Harold Lunnie
Harold’s Concrete Construction
Concord, VT

"IDIG has been a game changer for me. I run a very small crew meaning usually just myself lately since I can't find help. The IDIG saves me a tremendous amount of time and effort crawling in and out of deep holes to check grade. And the safety factor is huge too, which alone makes the investment worth every penny. I honestly wish I bought this a long time ago"
Gabe Bradley
All-Phaze Excavating
West Tisbury, MA

"After months of anguish, I finally went ahead and bought an IDIG. Never should have waited. This thing has saved me countless hours of getting in and out of my excavator. I now have 4 machines calibrated and can't imagine being without it. Did the same thing when purchasing a Geomax Robotic Total Station several years back. I've tripled my capabilities with the Robot and have never been as efficient on an excavator with the IDIG. I can't thank New England Laser enough for all the help."
Mike Carbonneau
Ct. Valley Design, LLC
Littleton, NH

"Anyone who spends a lot of time in an excavator is a fool for not having an IDIG. I installed a new IDIG in the summer of 2019. I outfitted 2 machines for less than 1/2 of what it would have cost for doing 1 machine with anyone else. Once you get used to this IDIG, you won't want to work without it. It paid for itself in the 1st quarter of the year. Only 1 regret; Should have done it sooner."
Steve Lynch
S.M. Lynch Corporation
Weymouth, MA 

"I love my iDig. It's been beyond helpful on both my machines. It saves me time and labor and the precision is unbelievable. Could not be happier with the product"

Shannon Ryner, Owner
White Birch Landscaping
Brewster, NY

"I love my friggin iDig.  Just dug a 40 x 20 septic system w/tank and never touched a shovel. I bought it because I got sick and tired of looking for a laborer to hold a grade rod (or even show up to work for that matter).  With the iDig, I can now flip dirt like it's nobody's business without getting in and out of my machine or depending on anyone else. It's worth every penny."

Jay Sonia, Owner
Brickstone Construction
West Tisbury, MA

"We bought our iDig at the end of 2019 and have not looked back since.  ONE of our guys dug the foundation for Mike Kennedy's new shop in under two hours without getting out of the machine.  The time, money, and man power this system saves cannot be quantified.  Thank you to New England Laser for opening our eyes to this technology.  Between the iDig and the Zenith 35 GPS unit, we've officially entered the new age of construction!

Cary Whipple, Owner
United Construction
Newport, NH




"Mr. LaRose, I received my instrument today! I   Really appreciate you helping me out with getting this thing fixed, finding some one wasn’t easy. You guys made the process easy and I just wanted to express my gratitude. Hopefully In the future when I level up I can give you all a call for that newer model"

Wesley Bradshaw

7225 Higgins Lane

Mechanicsville, Va.

"Over the past year or so, New England Laser has enabled us to take our GeoMax GPS system out of the closet and back onto the jobsite through countless hours of training and support.  Not only have they given us field training, but the CAD support they have provided is first class.  Before we start a job, we send our files to NELT and promptly receive them back cleaned up and ready to be put to work in the field.  Most recently, they generated a surface file which allowed us to quickly grade and pave the airplane tie down area at the Claremont Airport.  We can’t thank them enough for their expertise, and will continue to rely on them moving forward for all of our CAD needs!"

John Heavisides

Project manager, Osgood Const.

Claremont, NH


Thank you so much New England Laser for helping us to create and load the surface files and for walking us through how to stake surfaces with our Zoom 90 Robotic Total Station.  This thing is working so great its incredible.  Your support has been so valuable and I would recommend you guys to anyone looking for Laser and survey equipment.

Reed Devoe

Devoe Construction

Eagle Lake, Maine


"We started a layout job at the waste water treatement plant in Plymouth with an old plan and old control coordinates.  We couldn't locate more than 2 of the 20+ that were supposed to be there.  New England Laser came out and helped us localize. Things went very well, and afterwards layout went smoothly.  Using the GPS we walked the site and determined only 5 of the 20 control points remained.  The others were gone! We really appreciate you going out of the way to make sure we were comfortable."

David Woolaver
Kingsbury Companies
Middlesex, VT 

"Awesome New England Laser. Please expect my business and a reference anytime I refer someone that needs their equipment calibrated. You are definitely going to save us a ton of money.  Thank you"

Todd Carlton
Carlton Structural Services
Knightdale, NC 

"I just wanted to let you know I just used the new/old theodolite you recalibrated, went through after my fingers crossed purchase on Ebay. SO good to use this instrument in the field yesterday, like revisiting an old friend, & I didn’t realize how difficult it was getting/reading numbers off the old 25’ rod until I got this newer, easier to handle one you guys shipped me. Rod person loves it. Huge is the fact the whole numbers are also listed in red small digits off the side of the black increments.

Thank all you guys for the quick turnaround as this 71 yr old can still continue to work & survive these times. Please use me as a recommendation if you need to. You guys ROCK, thanks, again."

Sandy Keese, CSE
McKinnon & Keese Eng.
Rochester, MA

"Received my laser level back today after sending it in for service. Good as new! And quick turn around."

Wade Johnson
Cheyenne, WY

"Alan, every time I call New England Laser, I get a quick and thorough response, you have to thank yourself and your staff for your recent sale with the New York Parks & Recreation, not me.  I simply gave them an honest referrel regarding the service and support I get from your company, keep up the great work."

Karl Bender, P.E.
AOK Engineering, PLLC
Gouverneur, NY

 "Good Morning Alan:

I want to thank you once again for visiting the Vermont Tech campus and speaking with our landscape, construction, and engineering students about current surveying technology.

One thing that struck me about the array of tools and techniques you introduced us to is that, like so many other technologies, while precision is greatly improved, it's really the ability to get more work done without increasing costs that breaks through.

Your presentations drove that point home, whether we were talking about the total robotic stations or the machine-connected equipment.  We have the ability today to work smarter, with less down-time, greater accuracy and lower long-term cost.  Pretty impressive for something you can pull out of a box!

But your discussion also made us all think about the fact that companies like New England Laser are not merely equipment suppliers, but business partners as we consider how best to work and where to invest our resources.  Amazon never asks 'how will you use this equipment?', and that questions may be the most valuable aspect of the entire sales and support interaction.

For that and for so much more, I thank you both for visiting with us and educating us.  It's great to have you as partners!"

J Mark Billian
Professor of Horticulture and Landscape and Construction Management
Vermont Technical College

"In construction it seems like equipment always breaks down at the worse possible time. Alan and his team have been great, they put in the extra effort during those desperate times when we're down and work extremely hard to get us back up and running as quickly as possible. Alan comes in early and stay late to keep us going. I would highly recommend working with New England Laser."

Patrick St. Pierre
Osgood Construction
Claremont, NH 

"I just tried out the new Apache Storm laser detector. Everything worked perfectly. I really like the display with the readout showing how much the grade is high or low. Nice feature. If anybody is on the fence about spending the extra money for the Apache Storm digital detector, I would definitely recommend it. Thanks for the service and the very fast shipping. Good luck at your new location!"

Dan Nelson
Winterset, Inc.
Lyndonville, VT

 "Working with Alan, owner of New England Laser, is excellent. They never let me down, and I have always enjoyed the benefit of their sincerity and good advice. I have been purchasing levels, lasers and other layout equipment with New England Laser for many years now. Alan and Ben both have a great knowledge of the equipment and keep giving me the right answers as to service & repairs, new equipment and training. Pickup and delivery is terrific. Whether you expect the best or not, you’re going to get the best. That’s just the way they are."

Jon Hanson
Walker Construction, Inc.
Stowe, VT

"I have been doing business with New England Laser since they went into business.  I have found Alan and his team to be the best people I have ever done business with never letting me without what I needed to work.  I would recommend New England Laser to anyone they can help."

Harold Lunnie
Harold’s Concrete Construction
Concord, VT

"Alan, just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the products we bought from you at New England Laser & Transit. Everything has made us more productive and our business has expanded...thanks to you. Additionally, the training and support you have supplied has been great! We are very pleased to have found you guys and plan to continue working with you in the future. Thanks again."

Brad Ruderman, President
Brad M. Ruderman & Associates, Inc.
Civil Engineers & Land Surveyors
Windsor, VT

"Alan, It has been a pleasure working with you over the years. For all our Laser and lay-out needs, your knowledge and service is second to none.

Also the training and ongoing support for our recent purchase of the Robotic Total Station has been superb, and what we've come to expect from you guys.

We will continue coming to you for all our future needs."

Jon West
Foundation Division
Ji-Cal Masonry/Concrete
Rindge, NH

"With dozens of Rotary lasers, Pipe lasers, Transits and Auto Levels of all different manufactures purchased over the years from multiple sources it is very convenient to have Ben and Alan on hand to take care of them all.  Whether it’s a simple calibration or tracking down a hard to find part for an older unit they always come through and are sure to inform me of my best options.  I value there opinion, and due to their knowledge and skill my company has saved money time and time again.  I will continue to purchase and have my equipment serviced by New England Laser they are the best!"

George Kleczka
Small Tools Manager
D’allessandro Corp
Avon, MA

"Alan takes pride in running an efficient company with New England Laser. They have done 100% of our business over the past 5 months and we cannot be happier with the service they provide. Our company is based out of Westborough, MA, but that does not stop Alan from driving nearly 2 hours each way to pick up equipment in need of fixing or calibration. Their dedication to assisting our field personnel was evident when one of our Total Stations was not communicating with a data collector. Alan took the time to evaluate the product in the field, get a unit to us that was operable and in a timely as to not have lost work time. Don’t be fooled by Alan’s sidekick, Ben, who although often behind the scenes, comes through clutch with 4-5 day turnaround time for our calibration equipment. We’re proud to have their sticker on our equipment."

Mike Murray
Project Engineer
Manafort Precision, LLC
Westborough, MA

"We began using New England Laser in 2012 and they have picked up our lasers in a timely manner and have returned them in better shape than they were picked up.  Since we are located in VT they have checked in with us when they are in the area to make sure we are set.  Their customer and repair service are of high quality and we will continue to use them for our repairs in the future.  Thank you!"

Stacy Hatt
Office Manager
Mosher Excavating, Inc.
Killington, VT

"We have used Alan LaRose and New England Laser as our supplier of surveying equipment for serveral years.  We have purchased auto levels, total stations, data collectors and miscellaneous accessories from Alan over the years.  He is well versed with the products he sells.

We also use New England Laser every year to clean and calibration our entire inventory.  Their prices are competitive, and service is great.

When we have an issue Alan has delivered a replacement unit, picked our instrument up and followed thru with the repair.  This type of service is why we continue to do business with New England Laser.  I whole heartily recommend New Endland Laser."

Marshall Leonard P.E.
General Manager
G W Tatro Construction, Inc.
Jeffersonville, VT

"Those guys (Alan, Alden, and Jon) are pretty special in the field.  You just look at them -- they have a high degree of integrity.  The ethics bar they hold is quite high.  I'm very comfortable dealing with them.  If they don't have the expertise to address a specific problem, they're not afraid to make a call to the manufacturer or an out-of-state colleague to get answers needed to make the repair."

Richard A. Fraser - Owner
One Source Properties & Permitting
Keene, NH





"In addition to their awesome equipment, NEL has great customer service. We rented a GPS base and rover for a project in VT and it worked really well.  We then used the same unit in another part of the state and we needed some help setting up, and Alan actually came out to our site to assist.  It was out of his way but we really appreciated the help and determination to get us up and running.  We’ve rented from other companies and have never seen that type of care and attention.  We definitely plan to rent and purchase equipment from them again in the future."

Gabe Bolin
Stone Environmental
Montpelier, VT 


"When our department was looking to upgrade our total station for the Accident Investigation Team, I had to reach out to several different companies for bidding purposes. New England Laser was by far the best company to deal with and their overall customer service was outstanding.  Jon LaRose and the owner, Alan, were always available when I had questions about purchasing the equipment or had difficulty when operating the new set up.  Both Jon and Alan came down to train our team on the new equipment and it could not have gone smoother.  I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thank you New England Laser and Transit for all you have done for us."

Chris Spillane, Lieutenant
Merrimack, NH Police Dept.

"Hi Alan.  Jed is ecstatic about the new GPS.  Sent me a picture of him in the woods locating a stonewall.  Said he did half a days’ worth of work in 15 minutes.  I still haven’t had a chance to use it.  Jed won’t let me touch it ????"

Joseph DiBernardo, Owner
DiBernardo Associates
Bellows Falls, VT

“After meeting with several different dealers looking at all types of equipment, Alan LaRose helped us hone in on the GeoMax Zoom 90 robotic total station, the first piece of precision layout equipment for our company.  The value in both the price of product and the level of service we received throughout the purchase and setup of our new equipment solidified that going with New England Laser & Transit Co. was the right choice.  After a couple months passed I called Alan for a quick question and he answered the first ring and helped me with my issue. The heads up emails when their coming through our area is a nice touch too!"

Carl Crupi, Owner
CC & Sons
Wilmington, MA

"New England Laser has been servicing all of our laser needs for 2 decades. I recently purchased a Geomax Zenith 35 Pro System. Alan set it all up, delivered, and had us trained up in short order. No more waiting on anyone to give us stakes. This is a huge time saver and one of the best investments I've made in a while. It's saving me time and money, and has increased our accuracy and overall productivity. Thanks Alan for your continued efforts!"

Mike Reilly, Owner
F.P. Reilly and Sons
Andover, MA

"I'd like to thank the staff at New England Laser & Transit Co. and especially Alan and Jon for their excellent support of the Zenith 35 Pro RTK system that I recently purchased.  I would have spent weeks on my own installing software and learning the equipment but with Alan's help, I was up and running in a couple hours.  You guys really made the transition to RTK easy! The gear is working out even better than expected. I'm using it 3 days a week with a Surveyor associate, frequently with Mike Carbonneau, a Septic Designer, and also with the environmental company I work for. With Mike's Geomax Zoom 90 Robot and my GPS gear, we can really do a lot of work in only a couple hours."

Perry Williams
Lower Waterford, VT

"Alan LaRose has been our go-to person since he introduced our company to our first Total Station and data collector. We followed his suggestions on equipment and software that would work best for us, and he followed through with introductory training and off we went! Since then, he has been there to guide us in the right direction, give us more training, or friendly advice in a pinch when we are out in the field. Since the technology is always improving, he often will do the research on the task at hand, and assists with the challenges on a job to make sure we have what we need. Alan has always been a life-saver when we are on the job, and always gets back to us immediately. Our company has saved time and resources by following his guidance and recommendations, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the products and the service!"

Lynne Fenoff
Ron Fenoff Excavating, LLC
Waterford, VT

"We are a 45 year old site work contractor in West Baldwin, Maine.  We have been buying lasers and have had service with New England Laser & Transit for over 30 years.  We just recently purchased a new laser and a Geomax Zoom 80 Robotic Total Station.  Alan has been great with the sale and training.  Alden recently serviced four of our older lasers which worked out perfectly."

Steve & Kyle Estes
P.Y. Estes & Son, Inc.
West Baldwin, ME 

“I am a housing developer in Southern New Hampshire. Over the years, I’ve paid out a small fortune to contractors staking out the corners of houses in my developments. Each house needed to be staked out for the excavator, then for the footings, then the forms, checking for setbacks, etc.  I purchased a Geomax Zoom 80 Robotic Total Station with Desktop and Field Genius software and the equipment paid for itself in no time. Plus the job was done in my time rather than holding up the job until another contractor was available. Alan from New England Laser & Transit provided the training we needed to get going, and now it’s like money in the bank. I plan to use New England Laser for all my construction lasers and survey needs.”

Robert Peterson
K&B Development, LLC
Pelham, NH

"We upgraded our conventional total station to a Geomax Zoom 80 Robotic total station back in 2013 from New England Laser & Transit Co. The Zoom 80 paired with Field Genius Software has become such a valuable asset to our business that we now have three complete packages and can’t imagine being without them. All of our laser and survey equipment is purchased and serviced at New England Laser. Great value, a dedicated staff,  plus dependable service and support are important benefits that we know we can count on from New England Laser & Transit.”

Andy Nichols, Owner
CretePavers, Inc.
Newport, NH

"AOK Engineering, PLLC purchased a Geomax Robotic Total Station from New England Laser in December 2016. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. Your customer service is one of the highest that I have encountered in the industry.

New England Laser and Transit did an outstanding job in providing us a three hour class included with the sale. We felt comfortable at the end of the class in the features of our new equipment.

Again, thank you for your training and providing us with the basic knowledge to use the new equipment. It is much appreciated. I recommend that anyone looking into getting survey equipment and needs training to purchase from New England Laser & Transit Co."


Karl Bender, P.E.
AOK Engineering, PLLC
Gouverneur, NY

"We bought a Zoom 80 Robotic Total station this past summer as well as a new Getac data collector with Micro Survey Field Genius software from NE Laser. After working with Al for half a day I was thoroughly impressed with the instrument and software. NE Laser provides great products at an affordable price, they’ve always been great about answering any questions and resolving any issues we’ve had, and they service all of our instruments.
We took advantage of their demo program as well and within an hour or so Al had us laying out roads with GPS. His knowledge of the equipment and software makes for quick training and easy adaptation. I highly recommend NE Laser when considering a new instrument or getting your current instruments serviced."

Nick Ovitt
Omega Electric Construction
Excavation & Site Development
So. Burlington, VT

"I recently purchased a GeoMax Zoom 80 robotic total station and Zenith 25 GPS Rover from NELaser.    Alan went out of his way to get me the best deal possible and make sure everything worked together seamlessly.  The time saved with the robot and GPS rover has freed me up to take on more work and grow my business.  The Geomax line is hands down the best value in the industry and provides quality equipment at an affordable price.   NELaser has the top notch customer service that has been lacking in this field for some time.   Highly recommend GeoMax and NELaser."

Isaiah Plante, PLS
Kimball Survey & Design, Inc.
York, ME

"My firm's core business is framed in the field of cartography. Base maps have always been developed by total station "surveys" or by hiring an outside firm to produce topographic data via photogrammetric methods.  Recently, the firm has been renting the Altus APS-3 GPS from NEL for projects located with limited tree canopy.  The equipment has proven to be cost effictive for Clients and a time saver for the company.  For example, a 38.0± site was recently shot in a single day (545 data points collected).  If a company would do the same work with a total station, the duration of the project would undoubtedly be measure in days.  Training and any questions answered from the field are graciously offered by Alan LaRose of New England Laser & Transit.  GPS is just another tool to make the process of map develpment more cost effictive."
Dick Fraser, CPESC
One Source Properties, & Permitting, LLC
Keene, NH  

New England Laser & Transit Company
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