If You Can't Keep Grade Stay Out of the Dirt!

The EZ-Dig Touch will keep even the least experienced operator on grade.

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Whether in our office, in your office, or on the job site, we can demo the EZ-Dig to you in minutes with our custom built excavator. Pretty slick too.

An EZ-Dig Touch system from New England Laser comes with FREE installation and support. Buy one during the month of August and we'll throw in a FREE case of Survey Marking Paint and a nice pair of Safety Sun Glasses.

The All New EZ-Dig Touch

Full Time Depth Control for your excavator, mini, or backhoe:

Why pay someone to hold a grade rod when you can have that information right in front of you.

For a free demo call New England Laser at 1-800-362-8734.

See case study below for more information on the EZ-Dig Touch benefits.

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Case Study – Garth Tichy – HMA Capital Resources

PROBLEM:  Garth Tichy at HMA Capital Resources sought an alternative solution to digging septic systems that allowed for a higher degree of precision, expedience, and safety.  With a small crew, these three aspects of excavation (and business, in general) are of utmost importance.  Due to the complexity of septic installation, especially in terms of conflicting slopes and grading, Garth reached out to New England Laser in an effort to improve his current digging technology.

SOLUTION: When dealing with multiple grades during any stage of excavation or construction, the Geomax EzDig “Touch” is the embodiment of simplicity.  After attaching the sensors to the excavator, Garth was thrilled that he could remain in the cab while the instrument calculated all depth and grade measurements.  With less time getting in and out of equipment, measuring depths, calculating grades, etc., the EzDig has enhanced many aspects of their business.  Attention to highly specific elevation and change in slope is made easy with the software built into the EzDig, and the straightforwardness of the setup procedure makes the technology a common sense purchase for anyone in the field of site preparation moving forward.

RESULT: New England Laser and Transit Company provided HMA Capital Resources with the EzDig Touch, a tool that improves accuracy, increases efficiency, cuts costs, and makes the job safer.

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