Congratulations to Kingsbury
Kingsbury Companies sent in 16 units during the winter months, a combination of auto levels, pipe lasers, rotary lasers, and total stations. All of which increased their chances to win.

New England Laser offers incentives during the slower months to get equipment here before the spring rush.

This year, it was a Laser raffle. Every unit sent in was issued a ticket for the raffle, the more you sent in the better your chances.
Too bad for the procrastinators:
As of April 12th, 2019, New England Laser has over 100 units on the shelf in need of service.
We're normally able to turn eq. over in 1 to 2 weeks, not now. All the more reason to get your eq. here during the slower months.

Congratulations to: KINGSBURY COMPANIES, Middlesex, Vt.

A representative from Kingsbury Companies of Middlesex, Vt. has until April 19th to claim their prize.



Congratulations once again to Kingsbury Companies. We appreciate your business and  are pleased to deliver a Geomax Zone 20H laser to you, your prize for participating in our raffle.

The Geomax Zone 20H is one of the most rugged, servicable, and reliable rotary lasers in it's class. Kingsbury Companies walks away with one for FREE, because they took preventive measures preparing their equipment for the coming work season.

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