Laser & Survey Equipment Service, Calibration & Repair FAQ
Taking pride in its dedication to customer service, New England Laser & Transit Company offers a complete line of lasers, survey instruments and accessories. We service what we sell and we calibrate & repair ALL makes and models

What is the normal repair time?

When a repair is required on your system we understand that you want the optimal combination of fast and quality service while being price conscious. Our turn around time on normal service work is 3 to 10 business days. However, in some rare cases (depending on the repair need), it may not be possible to perform a repair within the designated turnaround time. New England Laser does offer an expedite service, at NO additional charge on emergency repair if requested. Call us (800-362-8734) to review your specific repair request so we can help evaluate your repair needs.

I live on the West Coast, how do I send my equipment for on-demand repair?

New England Laser has been repairing equipment Coast to Coast for more than a decade. We suggest shipping your instrument in its original carrying case whenever possible to avoid further damage. Insert the instrument into it's case, then into a shipping box, with a couple of inches of packing foam under and around each side. This will insure the safest possible delivery. Please make sure to include contact information inside. 

New England Laser will provide UPS Call Tag service upon request. If you would like to have your instrument picked up by UPS and delivered to us, please contact us at (800) 362-8734 and our support repair staff will assist you.  

Is there an Evaluation Charge?

We have about a 97% recovery rate of damaged equipment. All equipment must be evaluated and accepted before an initial quote of service repair can be put into effect. If at anytime during the evaluation process the customer decides not to have the equipment repaired, the customer will be charged and agrees to pay an evaluation/diagnostic fee of $85. Evaluation fee is waived for authorized repairs or purchase of new replacement by the customer. 

Will I receive a cost to repair quote prior to working on my equipment?

Yes, your peace of mind is our priority! 

Prior to equipment repair New England Laser will provide a quote for approval based on initial evaluation. 
Once you approve our quote, a highly trained and experienced service engineer will carry out specified repair. 

What is the average cost to repair a Construction Rotation Laser?

Construction Rotation Lasers cost a minimum of $150.00 to clean and calibrate, plus the cost of repairs to the equipment if necessary. Other equipment calibration costs will vary depending on the unit. (Transits, Total Stations, Auto Levels, pipe lasers, etc.). Each case, of course, is different, we recommend calling us at (800) 362-8734 to setup an initial evaluation.

Do you offer a service warranty on repair work?

Our team of qualified experts will do their utmost to repair and return your equipment in a prompt manner, and ensure the continued trouble-free operation of your equipment. All repairs are covered by a 30-day warranty. 
Unlimited Toll-Free Telephone/E-mail Assistance:
Our Technical Support personnel provide in-depth and personalized help to customers with questions, issues or troubleshooting pertaining to all equipment repair.Call 800-362-8734. Or email:

I own a small construction company and cannot be without my tools. Do you offer a loaner program?

Loaner tools are available for select situations. We'll deliver a loaner unit via next-business day service to keep you up and running while your unit is being repaired.

My Laser equipment is just so old.  Do you offer trade-in allowances?

We continually offer monthly specials and trade-in allowances.  Click on link Current Promotions link below. Or give us a call at (800) 362-8734 to create a price incentive package specifically designed for you!

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