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ProShot AS2 Slope Laser w/R9 detector
Proshot As2

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The Pro Shot™ AS2 laser level tool is the class leader for delivering value in a precision slope laser. Dial-in up to a 25% slope, with resolution down to .01%. That is fine enough to set specified slopes straight from an engineer’s cut sheet on a sanitary sewer project. This servo self leveling laser won’t let you down, with degrading accuracy as higher slopes are entered, like its competitors. It is also fully self leveling when slope is dialed-in.


The Pro Shot™ AS2 Magnum laser level tool delivers high end performance in every possible way. From the ability to set up to a 25% slope with .01% resolution, to its 3300ft (1km) diameter range, to a selection of rotation speeds. Add to that a compound slope adapter and you have a laser that blows away every competitive laser product at anywhere near its price.


Package Includes: ProShot AS2, Carrying Case, Detector, Detector Clamp


*Grade Rod/Tripod sold seperately

    • Operating Range (Diameter): 610 m (2000 ft)

      • Magnum: 1000 m (3300 ft)


    • Self-Leveling Accuracy: ±2/25" at 100 ft

      • Magnum: ±1/16" at 100 ft


    • Self-Leveling Range: ±4°


    • Rotation Speed: 600 rpm

      • Magnum: 600 / 900 / 1200 rpm


    • Laser Class: 2

      • Magnum: 3R


    • Battery Types: 4 C-Cell Alkaline / Ni-MH


    • Battery Life: 115 hours (Alkaline) / 95 hours (Ni-MH)

      • Magnum: 70 hours (Alkaline) / 55 hours (Ni-MH)


    • Operating Temperature: -4°F to 122°F

      • Magnum: -4°F to 140°F


    • Protection: IP56


    • Warranty: 3 Year

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