Laser Level Repair, Service & Calibration

Laser level repair & calibration checklist
used by New England Laser service technicians.


For Self-Leveling Construction Lasers

Instrument & all accessories are checked into our database
the day they arrive.

• Test all electronic functions
Check control panel for proper function, test voltage from source to termination, check for liquid damage to PCB & other power sources.

Test diode power output
The unit is checked for proper output using our laser diode power meter.

Test for X to Y axis offset error
We test both X axis & Y axis using our calibration range to determine that each axis coincides with one another.

• Test for cone & or wedge error
Using the calibration range we take a short & long shot reading to determine that both measurements fall within specification.

• Test vial block assembly repeatability
We make sure that the calibration holds its specifications when the instrument is taken to all leveling

• Test X & Y axis drive motors for binding
By operating the instrument on our automated tilt table we can determine if the units self-leveling motors are binding.

• Penta prism & optical train are thoroughly cleaned
By cleaning the laser diode collimator & penta prism we are assured of maximum power output.

• Unit is fully calibrated
The unit is placed on our automated calibration range & put through a full calibration sequence.

• Unit, accessories & case are cleaned
All accessories, laser & case are fully cleaned & checked.


For Compensated Construction Lasers

• Test all electronic functions

• Test diode power output

• Test for X to Y axis offset error

• Test for cone and or wedge error

• Test leveling vial to compensator collimation
We test the compensator & leveling vial & calibrate so that the two coincide with one another

• Test compensator for repeatability

• Test compensator for sticking
We set the instrument on calibration range & take unit to all leveling extremes to test for extreme error.

• Penta prism & optical train are thoroughly cleaned

• Unit, accessories & case are cleaned

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